👋Hi, I'm Vinay...

I’m on a 🎯mission to help over 100000 people create their dream business online 💻 so they can generate consistent income 💵  online and live life on their terms.

Look, It’s possible. I started from nothing and was able to completely change my life through an online business, and Online is the only way ahead.

Today, I help many other people do the same – in  record time!

I'm also the Founder of 10X Leap Hub which is our community of lovely people interested in growing at fast pace in their lives.

This is your own place where You can get premium content for free, ask me questions and get tools, resources and connections that will help you create the life of your dreams.

Here's My Story 📕

I belong to a middle class family and like many middle class people, my aim was also to get a job and then may be live a limited life.

But somewhere, deep in my ❤️ heart, I used to think that I want to give a great life to my family as God gave us only one life.

This kept me ticking... 

Do you also feel to give a better life to yourself and your family?

Trust me, You can do it and I can help you get your life on track as I got mine.

Remember, all You need is to understand the art of Traffic and Conversions which will help you to sell anything to more and more people on the internet.

The day you learn that, Boom🔥. STRUGGLES OVER!

But it wasn't all easy for me, my worst day was when I did not had 299 Rs to buy a Pizza for my son, but I was committed to change my financial results.

I don’t know about you but for me, having financial freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, buy what you want without worrying about the price tag, contributing to charities and helping others in need, makes me a lot more happier.


Today, I’m living life of my Dreams, working from my home and helping hundreds.

Read my full story…

My Background

Born and brought up in Chandigarh, India .

I belong to a middle class family, so my roots are grounded in practicality and I understand the pain and limitations of a common man as I am also one like you.

Let me share an important Life Event of mine with You.

One Day, when I was 8 years old, I came home from school and told my father that - "Papa there's this boy in school who hits me in lunch break, what should I do?"

I was expecting him to come along with me to help me, but he gave me a lesson of my life.

He told me three things which I want to share with you.

He said Vinay I want you to remember 3 things :-

In Life: Never be afraid of anything or anyone.

In Life: Always do the right things.

In Life: Always Fight Your own battles. 

I work with these values, these are my CORE and DNA, and I would encourage you to embibe them in your approach.

Rest will fall in place, you see it has to, that's the law. Like the law of gravity.

My Corporate Life​

I have served for over 20 years in my corporate life working with Top Mnc's:

Samsung | Whirlpool | Sony Ericsson | Akzonobel | Nippon

I have worked in in leading positions in Sales, Marketing, Excellence etc. managing over 10,000 entrepreneurs and managing and guiding a team of over 1,000 sales professionals.

I had a dream run in my corporate life and have created many milestones, relations and achievements in the process of becoming great at my skills, and helping people has always been the core of my activity.

Then, things took turn in 2019 and I ended up being a Digital Entrepreneur, now my aim is to help 10,00,000 people become Digital Entrepreneur.

And let me tell You, I would never want to go back to my corporate life back because that sucks...

Would you want to know how I jumped from Job to Business?

You're Fired..

I might not have dared to become an Entrepreneur.

One day, I was working as a senior member in one of the companies when a CEO of the that company tried to threaten me with my job, I could not bear the insult and my self respect pushed me to take action.

I decided to quit my job & not to work in any job again, can't let anyone decide my destiny. 

My core values are- Never be afraid, Always do the right things & fight your own battles, so here I was in the battleground again to find my path.

No job, No Money, No clue..

As I searched for various Business opportunities, I observed that only those business who were online were thriving- I mean look, today which are the biggest companies of the world- Amazon, Facebook, Google etc. All online.

And, I also saw that people who knew online business are growing and those who don't are struggling. I decided to build my own business on the internet.

This was the birth of new me for my family.

Rise of an Entrepreneur​!

Nothing comes easy.

My worst day was when I didn't had 299 Rs to buy a pizza for my son, that day I cried like helpless man & decided to become big with tears in my eyes.

Though building a business on the internet was a wise choice, I didn't knew all the secrets to this game.

Every 8 seconds there is someone trying to build his dream business on the internet. But You know what, 95% of them will fail because they don't know the right way of doing it.

My story also started alike, My first 4 months were disaster, I lost 4 lac rupees initially as I didn't knew the perfect way of how to master the art of traffic & conversions. 

I invested 18 lacs in different kinds of programs and learnings and then I came across a mentor.

He showed me Step-by-Step approach on how to build my business online.

I started getting results like never before, Now I help people to build their own business online.

Finally My Dream Life💭​

Money can't buy you happiness but money can buy you all the things that give you happiness. 😃

I don't know about you but for me, having a financial freedom to do, what you want, when you want, with whom you want buy what you want without worrying about the price tag, contributing to charities and helping others in need, makes me lot more happier. 

Now I have a successful affiliate business as well as coaching business to support my financial needs. I was able to break free the typical 9-5 trap and now I'm helping people and adding value to their lives.

Let me tell you, working from your home is a different feeling altogether and working with so many people from different parts of the world is awesome feeling.

It's what I used to Dream of literally. Work from home & earn lots of💰 money.

Now, my next Big Dream is to help 10,00,000 people become successful digital entrepreneurs.

My Vision, My Mission...​

I believe everyone can have Abundance. Stick with me and I'll prove it to You.

Big Companies will never give chance to small entrepreneurs and the way things are structured at present, we will have a tough time going forward so there is a need to build your own business online.

I'm part of a winning community of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to live life on their terms.

Now, I am helping people to build their business online so that they can stand tall and live life on their terms. 

I'm on a mission to help 100000 people become successful digital entrepreneurs.

If You resonate with my feeling of compassion, responsibility and cohesive success, If You want to change your results in life, I welcome you to this journey and assure you that if you commit, you can have a completely new successful life.

You'll be able to have whatever you want and life will never be the same again.

You'll have More Freedom, More Fortune, More Fun living anywhere you want.

My Personal Life...​

I believe there is only one life and nothing as personal and professional life.

I live in joint family with my parents living my dream life helping millions from my home.

I'm a husband to loving wife, father to a lovely son.

My roots are grounded in spirituality and minimalism.

My Ideology is that health, wealth and relationships are the three integrals parts of life and life is incomplete without any of these, and money can help us reach to them on this planet.

I know (don't think but know) that God made us all for great abundance and all of us can live our dream life. 

I want to help people and make friends for lifetime.

I welcome you on your journey to success and I'm there to help and support you become successful. 

Look You would have tried many things in the past, try this one out. This Would be Your Best decision in life.

You'll be a Success Story!

I know Your Challenge, I've been into trenches when I didn't had 299 Rs to buy pizza for my son.

You'll see a new version of You, Trust Me.There's a game plan, There's a strategy, We need Execution.Remember I believe in cause and effect, actions bring results.

This possible, not possible is nature's business, even a seed knows how to grow.

We'll follow the system, and You'll see the Magic!

Dream, Build, Repeat....Boom🔥

I'm on a Mission to help 100000 people become Digital Entrepreneurs!

I Welcome You for the best decision of your life.

Let's bend reality and create Your new Life. 

I Promise, you'll be my next success story!!




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